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Enhance your driving skills at Defensive Driving Course Melbourne

Defensive Driving Course Melbourne trains and certificates drivers needing to take a course as ordered by the Magistrates’ Court, VicRoads or as instructed by legal advice. We also specialise in Corporate fleet training conducted on road and in house to update drivers on defensive driving techniques, road rules and safe driving practices.
One-on-one driver/trainer environment to personalise training experience.

Definition of Defensive Driving:

Driving to save lives, time, and money, in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of others.” Defensive drivers are able to avoid dangers on the road by using their safe driving practices.

Drivers may be required to take this course due to:

  • Voluntary undertake of a defensive driving course prior to appearing/before court case (Magistrates’ Court, On/Off Road)
  • Careless Driving (Magistrates’ Court, On Road)
  • Criminal justice diversion program (Magistrates’ Court, On Road)
  • Safe driving course (VicRoads, On Road)
  • Suspended or cancelled licence (Magistrates’ Court/VicRoads, Off Road)
  • On Road: Unlike other defensive driver training providers, we conduct our courses on public roads in everyday traffic as advised by the magistrate’s court and/or VicRoads. The trainer/assessor will work with you to ensure you receive the training required and issue you a report and certificate which is an authorised document for use at any Magistrates’ Court and VicRoads.
  • Corporate fleet training.
  • Accident prone drivers.
  • For more information on traffic offences and legal proceedings please click on this link  https://www.legalaid.vic.gov.au/find-legal-answers/traffic-offences.

Our on road courses are not held on a racetrack unlike our competitors, but on the roads with everyday traffic as per Magistrate’s court and VicRoads recommendation. A report and certificate of completion is signed and issued by the trainer/assessor, and is a valid document for any Magistrates’ Court and VicRoads matter requiring the completion of a defensive or safe driving course.

Other Reasons to undergo our On Road Defensive Driving Course:

  • Legal advisors recommend that those due to face court should undertake a defensive driving course on or off the road to demonstrate that they have taken action to improve their driving behaviour. Volunteering this action is looked upon positively by the courts.
  • Drivers from overseas will benefit from learning how to deal with the often challenging driving environments which exist in Melbourne.
  • Corporate fleet training. Workers who are to use company cars will often be required to undergo a defensive driving course to better prepare them for constant on road time.
  • P-Plate holders (red or green) or fully licenced drivers who have had an accident may lose confidence in their driving ability and a defensive driving course is very beneficial to regaining your abilities to tackle many everyday scenarios.
  • Accident prone drivers needing detailed training on how to keep accident free.
  • Give the perfect gift for a loved one who drives. A defensive driving course will go a long way to enhancing their driving abilities and keep them safer on the congested roads of Melbourne. Training with Defensive Driving Course Melbourne will assist in altering driver attitudes and improve their driving skills. The chances of being involved in a serious accident becomes less likely with the more training one receives.

We conduct our off road defensive driving course in private areas around Melbourne, combining theory and practical defensive driver training. Students with suspended or cancelled licences can take advantage of this since it is not on a public road. Note that our course does not involve advanced teaching of handling a vehicle at high speed.

Unlike many other defensive driving course providers, we do not conduct our courses in groups, but rather prefer one-on-one training experiences to personally assist and focus on improving your driving abilities.

Our Primary Training Focus:
1. Teaching how to drive defensively to enhance a driver’s safe driving techniques
2. Helping to adjust a driver’s attitude toward driving to increase safety while driving
3. Reducing risk-taking behaviours
4. Educating drivers about Space Margins and Safe Gaps
5. Enhancing a driver’s ability to perceive hazards on the road
6. Maintaining of a car for optimal safe operation
7. Review and practice of reverse parking, angle parking and reversing tasks

The courses run by Defensive Driving Course Melbourne are recognised by the Magistrates’ Court and VicRoads. Each driver who undergoes our course receives a personalised report and a certificate stating they have completed the course.

Our fully qualified and experienced trainers/assessors operate a modern fleet of dual-control cars to ensure a safe learning environment at all times. Our cars are fully covered with insurance including public liability up to $20million and professional indemnity up to $5 million for your peace of mind.

Defensive Driving in Melbourne
Driving can be complicated at times with many factors which can combine to create a very challenging scenario. Undergoing and completing one of our intensive two-hour on road defensive driving courses benefits the driver by helping to reduce the risk of becoming involved in a road accident.

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Due to the many different risks associated with driving, completing an intensive two-hour on road defensive driving course can be extremely helpful, reducing  the risk of being involved in an accident.

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Become a Defensive Driver Now!
The cost for our two-hour course is $298 and includes the issuing of a personalised report and valid certificate when the driver completes the course. These documents are recognised by the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria and VicRoads.

Applicable Drivers:

  • Drivers seeking to undergo Voluntary Defensive Driver Training before being due to appear in court (Magistrates’ Court, On/Off Road)
  • Drivers who have been charged with Careless Driving (Magistrates’ Court, On Road)
  • Drivers who wish to enter the Criminal Justice Diversion Program (Magistrates’ Court, On Road)
  • Drivers wishing to undertake a Safe Driving Course (VicRoads, On Road)
  • Drivers with suspended cancelled licence (Magistrates’ Court/VicRoads, Off Road)

Report & Certificate for Magistrate’s Court and/or VicRoads
When the course is completed, the driver is issued a personalised report and a valid certificate, signed by the trainer/assessor. Every driver also receives one of our 68 page booklets to keep for reference. All documents are issued and signed by the trainer/assessor, and are to be shown for any Magistrates Court or VicRoads matter which requires the driver to undertake a defensive or safe driving course.

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The report is signed and issued by the trainer/assessor, and is a valid document for any Magistrates Court or VicRoads matter requiring the completion of a defensive or safe driving course.

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